Meet Max Gor

Hello everyone! My name is Max Gor, celebrity and fashion stylist, designer, co-founder of Attic Koncept.

In my opinion we need to get to know each other better, since we should maintain an ongoing relationship and share experiences with you which has been gained over 20 years of work in the fashion and beauty industry.

I started my career as a theater and film actor, but at a fairly young age by luck I came across the Kiev multi-brand premium Boutique Sana Hunt, thanks to which I immersed myself into the world of luxury and fashion designers. Since then I have devoted my life to the fashion industry and show business.

At that time, in 2000, few people knew about existence of a stylist profession. The market started to develop in this direction and I developed together with it. Having worked in Sana Hunt, and thereafter on the Ukrainian TV channel Inter, I moved to Moscow, which welcomed me with open arms and gave me the opportunity to work with major television projects, such as Factor-A, headed by Alla Pugacheva, Top Model in Russian, etc. Well, one of my key clients in Russia is Ksenia Sobchak. Our collaboration lasted for about 8 years. I also collaboration with Lera Kudryavtseva, Irina Shayk, American boxer Roy Jones, model and TV presenter Janice Dickinson, French singer Patrice Kaas and many others. 

Video clips editing, advertising, provision of the red carpet support, film making and television shaped me as a professional and gave me the opportunity to fulfill my plans on another continent, in America, in Los Angeles, the city known for its sunshine, endless red carpet and the global film industry. Therefore, I am really proud and happy to introduce you to my new and very interesting project in Los Angeles – the Attic Concept boutique, which I am launching together with my American partners Michael and Maria Golomb for the purpose of promotion of talented fashion brands from Israel, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova to America. I hope you will discover new names for yourself, you will love them and enjoy wearing them. Please, comment, ask questions, communicate! I will always be glad to answer any questions! Here we go?!

Welcome to Attic Koncept Boutique, 8750 Holloway Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Post’s By Max