The Muse

The Muse is a brand of fashionable and designer clothes for young girls and women with original style and bright personality. Our team with a great deal of attention follows the latest trends and the new technologies in the fashion world. To create our collections we use fabrics from Italy and France. Dresses, coats, all knitted outfits, trousers, tops - all these groups of goods are produced in Armenia.

“The Muse” was founded in 2015 in Yerevan, Armenia by Mane Khachatryan - Founder and Chief Designer of the house. The brand is now represented in more than 10 countries worldwide. Besides presenting two main collections each year - the house creates bespoke outfits for clients from all over the world. The brand has been collaborating with such Italian textiles houses as Alta Moda, Lanificio Cangioli etc.

The Muse collections are a testimony to the elegance and refinement of nature. In the world of globalization and centralization, we need to be reminded that rewinding from the chaos of cities acknowledges our need to connect with nature.

The collections are consist of transitional models that symbolize the essence and silhouette of “the Muse”, signature sharp lines and silhouettes that will appear in bold yet muted forms reminiscent of urban style clothing.

The material choice is mostly vegan leather, hand embroidered spandex, sophisticated braided and pleated elements as well as hand knitted and hand embroidered details.